Style Customization

The flag app has been built in a way that you can customise its look and feel completely. Most of the styles can be customised through HTML classes.

In case, you feel there is some customisation that can be added, feel free to open an issue.

The template structure of the flag app looks something like this:

├── templates
└── flag
    ├── flag_form.html
    └── flag_icon.html

Overriding templates

To customise a template,

  • Create flag folder inside templates directory.
  • Inside it, create a new template file, giving it the same name as that of the default template that needs to be overridden.

For example, to override the HTML classes of submit button

create templates/flag/flag_form.html (assuming all your templates are placed under the directory templates)

{% extends "flag/flag_form.html" %}

{% block cls_flag_modal_submit %}
{% endblock cls_flag_modal_submit %}


Please refer to this table when using blocks to customise HTML classes

Block Use HTML element
{% block cls_flag %} complete flag element div
{%  block cls_flag_icon_img %} flag icon image element div
{% block cls_flag_modal %} modal that appears when flagging div
{% block cls_flag_modal_content %} modal content div
{% block cls_flag_modal_close %} the cross icon(close button) inside the modal span
{% block cls_flag_modal_form_div %} the div element containing the modal form div
{% block cls_flag_modal_form %} modal form element form
{% block cls_flag_modal_title %} the text containing modal title div
{% block cls_flag_modal_reasons %} the element that displays reasons for flagging tr
{% block cls_flag_modal_reason %} individual reasons input
{% block cls_flag_modal_info %} text box which appears when Somthing else is selected textarea
{% block cls_flag_modal_submit %} submit button inside the modal input

Flag Icon

To change the flag icon, just override the template flag_icon.html as explained above. Make sure that you add the property class="flag-icon {% if has_flagged %}user-has-flagged{% else %}user-has-not-flagged{% endif %}" to your HTML element. These classes are used by javascript files.

For other customisation, please refer to the Blocks above